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These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to services provided by Chalet AlpinCreek Leogang, to the tenant.

The services consist in particular in the rental of premises and for all other related services of Chalet AlpinCreek: Leogang 43, 5771 Leogang, Salzburg Austria. Online designated on www.alpincreek.com and represented by Susanne Schimmer and/or Rolf van de Velde.


The rental agreement is considered confirmed when the apartment has been ordered by the tenant and confirmed by the owner, and any (advance) payment provided for in the offer has been made by the tenant within the specified conditions.

The price quotations and descriptions listed on the homepage are not binding. The offer (typing errors excepted) forms the basis of the rental contract.

The owner is entitled to dissolve the rental agreement with immediate effect, if the tenant:

(a) significantly interferes with the use of the vacation home or seriously disturbs the peace of the house. Is rude, abusive or otherwise grossly unreasonable or noisy and seriously disturbs the surroundings.

(b) Fails to pay the bill presented to him or her upon demand within a reasonably set time.

(c) if the vacation home is booked under misleading or false statement of material facts, e.g. concerning the person of the guest or the purpose;

(d) is afflicted by a contagious disease or a disease that exceeds the accommodation period;

The owner undertakes to provide the chalet to the tenant in perfect condition in accordance with legal regulations and/or customary market practice.

If the provision of the chalet is impracticable (e.g. uninhabitable due to major damage, etc.), the owner shall endeavor to arrange a comparable replacement; if this is not possible or if the replacement object does not meet with the approval of the tenant, the rent paid to the owner shall be refunded. Any further claim for replacement or compensation is excluded.

In case of impairment of the vacation or the rental object due to force majeure (e.g. pandemic, fire, bad weather, cold, or similar) the owner is not liable.


The tenant is obliged to pay the owner the applicable or agreed prices for the transfer of the vacation home and the further services used by him. The final cleaning and the tourist tax are listed and charged as mandatory additional costs.

For additional guests beyond those already booked, a surcharge per person will be calculated, payable on arrival at the rate stated on the website.

The general cancellation conditions mentioned on the website are binding, but can be replaced by specific conditions mentioned in the offer or confirmation.

If the tenant cancels the contract before the start of the stay or arrives later or leaves earlier than agreed, is he obligated to pay the owner the agreed rent for the days when he does not use the reserved accommodation.

Up to two weeks before the start of the vacation stay, the tenant may request that a third party take over the rights and obligations from the agreement regarding the vacation stay in his place. The owner may object to the arrival of the third party if it does not meet the special requirements of the vacation accommodation or if legal regulations are contrary to them. If a third party concludes the contract for a vacation home, he and the previous tenant are jointly and fully liable to the owner for the rent and any damages.

The day of arrival is considered a single rental day and will be charged as such.
On the day of arrival the vacation chalet will be available to the tenant from 3 pm.
On the day of departure the tenant must leave the vacation home before 10 am.

If the tenant does not appear on the day of arrival and does not inform the owner, the contract will be considered cancelled by the tenant with effect from midnight on the day of arrival. The owner is then free to dispose of the property.

If the tenant does not use the services of the contract (e.g. no full occupation of the beds, early departure), there is no right to a pro rata refund.

Even if the tenant does not use the vacation home, he is obliged to pay the agreed fee to the owner.


The pictures of the homepage are without guarantee. Changes in furnishings and equipment of the rental property are reserved and do not justify any claims of the tenant. However, they are fundamentally exemplary.

The rental object is handed over to the tenant in clean and in accordance with the contract. If there are any defects or the inventory is incomplete at the time of handover, the tenant must report this to the owner within the first 24 hours. Otherwise, the apartment is considered to be handed over in perfect condition. If any damage occurs in the apartment caused by the tenant, the tenant is responsible for it; the tenant is liable for all persons accompanying him.

The tenant is responsible for the ongoing, i.e. daily required cleaning of the rented property. The rental object with terrace and garden must be tidied up and the dishes washed at the end of the stay. The final cleaning is done by the owner's staff and is listed and charged as a mandatory additional cost.

Smoking is prohibited in the house. Smoking is allowed in the garden and on the terrace with the provided ashtray. If a direct subletting of the vacation house is hindered by "smoking" in the rooms, any claims for damages will be charged to the tenant accordingly.

The garden may only be used in such a way that no damage is caused to the planting. The use of tents and mobile homes is not allowed on the property.

Damage caused by improper use of the fireplace is the responsibility of the tenant.


Bringing pets requires prior explicit consent. The tenant is obliged to notify us in advance of the wish to bring one or more pets. If we agree to the bringing of pets, this is done for an additional fee under the condition that the pets are under the constant supervision of the tenant and are free of disease and do not otherwise pose a danger to the environment.

The tenant is liable for damages caused by brought animals and for following the local legal regulations applicable to the animal owner.


The owner has the right to enter the chalet, including the bicycle shed and the garden, at any time for service purposes and to avert danger. On the other hand, the owner will make every effort to prevent or minimize any disturbance to the chalet.


The owner assumes no liability for the tenant or accompanying persons and for property brought by them into the chalet including storage room, bike shed, cellar, boiler room and the garden. The owner has not taken out any insurance for this.


The place of jurisdiction shall be the district, i.e. the place in which the chalet is located and in which the performance under the rental agreement is to be rendered, in this case the district court of Zell am See.

Deviating provisions, including those contained in general terms and conditions of the tenant or the owner, shall not apply unless they are expressly recognized in writing by the owner.

Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the original intended purpose of the invalid provision.

All conditions listed here are considered accepted with the booking!